As part of the Utility Warehouse group, UW Home Services provides meter installation and maintenance services to Utility Warehouse members. We are a team of passionate individuals who will ensure that our customers continue to receive the award winning customer service through their whole journey as a member of Utility Warehouse.


smart gas meter

The benefits of Smart Meters

At UW Home Services, we use the latest technology so our customers can better understand how they are using their energy.

For the first time, our customers can see what energy is costing them in near real-time.
Statistics show that when people can better see what energy they are using and what it's costing them, energy is used in a more efficient way. Therefore, creating cost benefits for the customer and creating a positive impact on the environment.

in home display

ConNecting with our customers

We see the installation of smart meters as a fantastic opportunity to connect and engage with our customers.

All our engineers receive special energy efficiency training and take the time to discuss energy efficiency within the home. They will also demonstrate how smart meters can help our customers see what energy they are using and implement ways to save money on their energy bills.